The starting point for this camping site is the idea that it is a meeting point where all kind of people are received with an idea of protection... to enjoy nature horizontally or vertically, letting it protect us with its natural cloak.
But how can we explain the camping site? From nature where it is immersed. Being in the green path nearby the canal’s environment, it has a privileged location. But... how to work with nature? Respecting all trees, whether their thin or thick, since the existing trees inside the camping site are magnificent. And they give us natural or artificial textures that will help us to form and materialize the project.
The project is based on a sustainable development idea. Keeping all we can from existent buildings...remodeling and superimposing layers to them, giving them a new dress, achieving an up-dated look that goes with a dignifying presence, identifyed with good security conditions and adequate functionalities.
And, making the new necessary buildings from here and now.
A camping site is a public place, where spaces have to be clear, clean and easy to understand. For that, we clarify using areas easy to understand and to visualize.
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